Volunteer Work at Vickery Meadows Learning Center

In January, I began volunteer work at Vickery Meadows Learning Center.  It’s a non-profit charity that provides basic literacy skills to recent immigrants.  I’m starting out in the computer lab, helping folks develop computer literacy.  I’m slotted to work the 6pm-7pm shift on Tuesdays.

The lab has about 20 computers, donated by folks throughout Dallas.  It also has an overhead projector that duplicates what’s on the instructor’s PC – which is very cool.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I was up to the task.  Fortunately, since it’s still very cold outside, I only ever have a few students – so I have some time to develop a routine and a light enough work load that I can learn what’s needed without being overwhelmed, which was a real concern for me.