Educational Resources on the Web:

  • Aesop Online/FrontLineTechnologies – Aesop Online is a resource popular with many Dallas-area school districts.  If you’re on a district’s rolls as a substitute, this is where you go to find out when and where a substitute is needed.
  • College Board CLEP Site – Taking CLEP exams is an inexpensive way for folks to get college credit for most freshman and sophomore  core classes – including math, English, Biology, History and Government, foreign languages, economics, accounting and many others.   If you’re good at learning on your own, these exams can help you get college credits without having to take a semester-long class.   They’re available at and transferable to almost every accredited colleges and the best part is that you can’t get an F.  Total cost is between $50 and $100 each time you take a subject test.
  • Dallas Independent School District – I get a lot of public school teaching experience here as a minimum-wage, substitute, teacher’s assistant.  This is particularly useful because many college EDUC classes require at least a few hours in such a capacity.  For folks who are not on the regular roles of an educational institution, getting those hours can be quite difficult.

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